Cute 3D Dog Mold For Ice Cream and Mousse Cake

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Make one to trick your lovely pet


This cute 3D dog mold shape makes your cake more attractive for the best and amazing gift to your beloved one. A special way to decorate the cake and it’s totally perfect for your themed party.


  • Safe material: 3D silicone mold made of 100% non-toxic silicone, BPA-free, environmentally friendly, flexible, reusable and durable
  • Temperature range is -40 ℃ to + 230 ℃ -40 ° F to + 446 ° F), it is completely safe to use in freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher
  • How to use: Finish mixing the cake ingredients, then melt the chocolate with a pastry bag, and draw the dog’s eyes, nose, paws . After freezing it for at least 10 minutes, pour the remaining cake material into the mold and smooth the surface of the mold, then frozen in a refrigerator at -18 ° C for about 8 hours.
  • Demolding method: For cleaning, it is recommended to wear disposable gloves, then open the mold outwards, separate it from the cake, and release the mold from the hind legs. Falling backwards makes it easy to demold.
  • Size: 14cm x 8cm x 5cm


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